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Anchored In Christ

Anchored in Christ

A Sisterhood of Women, Committed to HIS Word


Whether you're shipwrecked, swimming against the tide, rowing with a single ore,  sailing through rough waters, or enjoying the serene waters, there's always enough room for you to set sail with us! With Jesus Christ as our anchor, we know that we are never alone and that we are highly favored by our Lord & Saviour!


We invite all women, regardless of their denomination, faith, life experience or walk as a Christian to join us in a judgment-free zone with topics, tools & techniques to help you improve your lifestyle, find peace and grow through whatever is holding you back! 

Join Ana Rivera & Irum Jones on a weekly Bible Journey where they set sail with new goals and then set the anchor to pause, reflect and renew their perspectives by tuning into the Anchored in Christ Podcast & Bible Journey activities.

Subscribe, Listen & Join Us on Our Podcast!

The Anchored in Christ Podcast is available on all major podcast streaming platformed like Anchor, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts and Spotify! Check out some of our Season 1 episodes below! 




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